Remember Big Wheels, those plastic tricycles we used to decal the crap out of and pedal around as kids?  Well, guess what?  Now we have them for adults! But they're motorized, bigger and, yes, badder!   And I had the chance to ride a drifting trike over the weekend at Diamond Lake.  My buddy Brian Smith had one built and we took that puppy out on one of his go-cart tracks at the campground.  And it was flipping awesome.  SO MUCH FUN!


Now, clearly, I'm not the greatest driver (though, the 180's were the absolute best and I learned to do them on purpose).  But check out these guys.  They've mastered it and this video is awesome.  It shows the evolution of the Big Wheel to the drifting trike and exactly what these bad boys can do.  Did I mention how flipping awesome they are?!??!