When you're a radio DJ, people assume that we've met tons of celebrities. And, everyone always wants to know who my favorite is. Well, that's true, I've met a bunch of country music stars in my years in radio, but none that I've really been star-struck over. I honestly can't remember fangirling over too many celebs, but this weekend at our St. Jude Country Cares for Kids conference, I totally freaked out!

Guess who I got to meet?


Dr. James Downing! What? Not who you were expecting? Haha! Dr. Downing is the President and CEO of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and an absolute legend in the world of pediatric cancer research.

We were at our Songwriters Dinner Saturday night when he walked by my table. I elbowed Chad and gasp, "Oh my gosh! Dr. Downing is here! I must get a picture with him!"

As we were saying our goodbyes to all our our St. Jude friends and extended radio family, I saw he and his lovely wife walking our way. I knew this was my chance! So, I approached him, expressed my deepest respect for all of the invaluable things he's given to the children of St. Jude and asked him for a picture. He graciously obliged, then did something I didn't expect... He asked about me! After a quick chat about what I do and where I'm from, I again thanked him for his work for the kids at St. Jude. Then, this happened...

HE thanked ME for all of our help thru country radio for our fundraising efforts. Dr. James Downing, Molecular Pathology Laboratory Director, who was instrumental in initiating the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project Dr. James Downing, thanked me. Y'all, that is the equivalent of the Pope asking you to pray for him. Easily one of the most humbling moments of my life. But, it is also exactly what St. Jude is all about. No one seeks credit for what they are doing, it's just important that we are all doing something. It's all for the sick babies. And, I am beyond honored to be a teeny-tiny part of the work done and hope restored there.

So, I guess now when people ask me who the coolest celebrity is I've ever met, I have a solid answer... Dr. James Downing, by a mile.