How about the storms we have had this month?  It has been crazy.  I've said it before that the biggest storm i've ever seen in my life happened 2 days ago.  We had extreme winds, rain like no other and hail the size of baseballs in some parts of the tri-state.  It's been an interesting May that is for sure.  Let's take a look at the largest tornado breakouts nationwide  in the month of may from years past.  

May is definitely the hotspot for storms across the nation.  Years past have been INSANE!!  Check out the list below!!

You have to believe me... I couldn't believe it myself the first time I saw this list but see below how how the month of May has been in years past.


Back in 2004 between May 29th and the May 31st (that is THREE DAYS) there were one hundred seventy (170) tornado touchdowns in the nation.  Siri said that's 2 tornados per hour over three days.... and that's insane.

Having said that... Take a look at the other years where nationwide tornados have been INSANE in the month of May.  I saw these figures on The Weather Channel. 

2011 - May 24-26 - 138 TORNADOES

1999 - May 3-4 - 119 TORNADOES

2003 - May 6-8 - 110 TORNADOES

2003 - May 4-5 - 102 TORNADOES

1973 - May 26-29 - 99 TORNADOES

So how about that?