Last year, I was combing through Facebook the day after Halloween and noticed that some of my friends absolutely rock it out with their costumes.  And I decided, for fun, to rank my favorite costumes of the year.  This year, I'm doing it again.  And you're not gonna believe how awesome these costumes are!

#10-  Barb's Dog Lucy


Ya'll know I'm a sucker for a cute dog.  Put that cute dog in a lion outfit and you had me a "Woof!"

#9- The Cruise Gals


Some of our cruise buddies (Michelle Vincent, Tinea Dean and Kelly Peay) turned their workplace into a campy and modern-day Gotham!  And it was so much fun!  You can tell by the expression that Wonder Woman and Batgirl are going to have a hard time dealing with this Riddler!

#8- Sammy Tanner


Last year, Sammy made this list with his drag alter ego, Patti Melt (who's fabulous, by the way).  This year, he makes it with his clever take on a supermarket zombie.  Born from the rotten womb of the Piggly Wiggly, meet Zombly Wombly.  Hilarious!  And where on Earth did he get that t-shirt??

#7- Beth Ratliff


And speaking of zombies . . . my friend Beth Ratliff painted on one of the best zombie faces I have ever seen.  And the safety pins are CLASSIC (and painful)!  Wouldn't want to meet this walker.  #TheWalkingDead #CrestWhiteStrips

#6-  McKenzie Marable


McKenzie, a former sales rep here at WBKR, brought back some 1980's phone-home realness with her E.T. costume.  This is freaking awesome!!

#5- Scott Mitchell


We all go a little "mad" sometimes and my friend Scott Mitchell proved it. His take on the Mad Hatter was eerily on the money.

#4-  Greg Gibson & Friends


Greg Gibson (from the Henderson Arts Alliance) and his friends were amazing as The Munsters!  Great costumes, incredible makeup, and, of course, pitch-perfect theatricality!

#3- Shelby Lighton


Shelby Lighton is always a side-splitting and hysterical hot mess. And this costume proves it.  Absolutely inspired and hilarious.  Yes!  For Halloween, she went as a an aquarium.  This is genius!

#2- Garrett Leonard

I figured someone would do this.  And I'm so glad it was Garrett.  He turned his cubicle at work into the Rowan County Clerk's Office and went as Kim Davis.  Not only did he have a sign featuring an approximate wait time to speak with Rowan County's infamous clerk, he also built a Wall O' Husbands and displayed an X-ed out photo of the U.S. Supreme Court.

#1- Lisa Duvall


If you're familiar with Lisa Duvall or her work in local theatre and independent horror films, you know she is amazing makeup artist and an illustrious creator of special effect gore.  She's brilliant.  And this Halloween costume is exactly what you would expect.  Stunning, shocking and expertly conceived and executed. Off with her head!!