Name three fictional characters that describe you? Can you do it? It takes a little bit of thinking. Users, including famous ones, have been sharing theirs all week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As you'll see, I had no problem choosing mine. 

1. Daria Morgandorffer from Daria 

All three of my choices have varying degrees of sarcasm. I always identified with Daria because she was highly intelligent yet she could be a fierce smart aleck. Daria is on par with another choice that I didn't add to the list, Darlene from Roseanne. She makes jokes yet she's a loner sometimes. However, I never owned a pair of military boots or Doc Marten's. I wonder what Beavis and Butt-head were really like?

2. Dorothy Zbornak from The Golden Girls

I own a Bea Arthur a la Dorothy Zbornak t-shirt. If there's an undisputed queen of sarcasm, it's Dorothy. All the cast had great zingers, but Arthur's timing was impeccable. Dorothy has a interesting relationship with her mother Sophia. I've been known to sling a few zingers at my mother, but I assure you we have a lot of fun together. No Shady Pines for her!

3. Angela Chase from My So-Called Life

I would say the closest I am to any fictional character, it's Angela. Her wardrobe in high school was basically the same as mine. Yes, Angela was the somewhat typical teen, insecure, chasing after a boy who she can't quite figure out, she has friends are loyal to a fault, and she gets zits, remember that episode? Music was, well, still is everything to me. The Violent Femmes are a great band by the way. I had the same hair cut in high school as Angela, it's a little shorter here.


I rest my case. What three fictional characters do you identify with and why?