So if you have a Toyota Camry and you have to haul something big across town then you will more than likely have to leave the trunk open a little bit and let me tell you... it's annoying.  I found a way to fix it and it's extremely simple.

My girlfriend and I got a birthday gift for her mother.  It was a bicycle and it was way to big to fit in the trunk of her Camry but since we didn't have a truck handy we had to work with what we had.  So we laid down the seats and just crammed it in the trunk.

As soon as we started moving the car would not stop beeping.  It is the most obnoxious, annoying thing ever fitted to a car.  YES I KNOW THE TRUNK IS OPEN!  I JUST PUT A BICYCLE IN THERE.  geeeeze.

Anyway I figured out how to fix it and all you have to do is fool the trunk into thinking it's closed.

Check it out