If you are a UK fan--not casual, but hardcore (like you might really bleed blue)--you need to get to eBay if you haven't been recently.

When you get there, you'll find items autographed by UK favorite Doron Lamb; a Dr. Seuss themed t-shirt; a clever print featuring a Kentucky Wildcat defeating various UK arch-enemies; and a "Big Blue Barbecue" print.

Actually, there are quite a few prints, but also some really cool merchandise like a 1947 autograph by UK legend Alex Groza prior to the point shaving scandal.

You'll also find a, ahem, Billy Gillispie t-shirt if you really want one.

There's also a 1988-89 Cats' Pause Wildcat Yearbook and a Cleveland newspaper from when Kentucky beat Duke in the 1978 championship game.

But I guess my favorite item, because it's so out of the box (and maybe a little gruesome, I suppose) is a figurine titled "Catnip."


spate3374 via eBay

Uh, yeah. But seriously, I like its cleverness.

I'm not buying it, of course, but it IS interesting.