I had the opportunity to hang out with Julius Maddox from Friends of Sinners a Christ-Centered Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility here in Owensboro. Julius is well-known for his size and great strength but most importantly for his story.  He came from a childhood of drugs, alcohol, and plenty of wrong decisions. But he has turned that all around in a "powerful" way.

If you ask him he would probably tell you the best decision he ever made was to follow Christ and live with the purpose of helping others do the same.  Julius uses his strength and ability to go into local schools and talk with students about the Gospel and how you can take the negatives in life and turn them into blessings.

He is currently the strongest man in Kentucky, 4th strongest active bench presser in the world and Top 15 in the overall history of the sport.  His last lift was 660 lbs.

I almost had to show him up with my lifting skills but decided to let him shine instead!

If you would like to hear more of Julius's story or any of the other amazing men and women from Friends of Sinners you will have an opportunity this Saturday, September 24, at Chautauqua Park, during the 'UNCHAIND' Concert Event starting with a Bike Ride at 10 a.m. and other festivities at 11 a.m.  All proceeds benefit Friends of Sinners.  For a full schedule head over to the FOS facebook page.