In the past, Evansville has gotten a bad rap for being a rotten, low down miserable place that NO ONE SHOULD EVER COME TO. I gotta say, as a transplant from Owensboro, things are a little different here in Evansville and the surrounding area...

I mean I can't believe I ever moved here for college and then stayed! I was going to graduate and move to the beach. What was I thinking?!

For instance, in Evansville we have to deal with the following:

10. Whatta Haul

It's a 2-3 hour drive to some of the best destinations in the United States such as Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, and Indianapolis, IN. TWO TO THREE HOURS!!! That's pretty much the equivalent of a LIFETIME.

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9. There's SO. MUCH. TO. EAT.

When our corporate team or family comes to visit, I have to remember all the local eateries to take them to... I have to ask, "Do you like Greek, Japanese, German, Italian, steaks, Moroccan, seafood, brains, etc. etc. etc.?" It's exhausting.

8. The Police and Firefighters Are Way Too Involved

Seriously, why can't they just do their jobs and go home? Why do they have to take deserving kids to Disney World and make sure sick children have toys on Christmas... GAH. Humbug.


7. 15-Minute Commute Times

I know, the insanity of having to be in your vehicle for 15 minutes to get just about anywhere in Evansville is madness. Pure madness.

6. Evansville Won't Let Go of the Past

I mean they still use their 100-year-old baseball field; you can board the LST that was built during WWII; the original courthouse, library, and post office buildings are still standing and being used for various purposes. They even celebrate festivals that have been going on since BEFORE WWII. Seriously, get some new crap, Evansville.

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5. And Invests Way Too Much in the Future

You know what really chaps my fanny? That Ford Center... I mean Alan Jackson, Kid Rock, MercyMe, Jason Aldean, and Elton John are all coming before December. Who are these people?

4. They Will Let Anyone In Here

The city slogan is "E is for Everyone; Evansville, IN." I mean what if I just want to be around like-minded people who look, act, and think just like me???

3. There's Way Too Much To Do

I went to Jacksonville, FL, and looked online for something to do on my vacation. Know what I found? NOTHING. Know what I find any given day in Evansville? A boatload of stuff to do. Baseball games, wine festivals, art galleries, shopping, live music, trivia nights, library events, kids events, food events. I just want to stay home when I'm home but noooo there's too much to do.

(Ryan O'Bryan)
(Ryan O'Bryan)

2. Who Can Afford to Live Here??

I just love watching these tv "reality" shows where the wife makes baskets and the husband runs a non-profit for injured insects and they have a budget of $4 million. Yeah, okay. But, you go to Canada, or just about anywhere else and try to buy a home and you'll get 200 square feet and a hole in the ground. I have found that you can actually afford to live here AND buy a hot dog at the ball field (on dollar night, of course.)

1. These People are So Freakin' Friendly

I have to ride the elevator to work every morning. Know how uncomfortable that is when there are people on there with you? And yet, everyone is friendly and chatty. Hmmm... and come to think about it, as the person who reports on tragedy and triumph, our community seems to always come together to support one another in good times and bad. And, granted there will always be the jerks of the world - the bad apples - but around here I feel safe, welcomed, open about who I am, and happy with where I live. And, if I need a beach...

There's always Scales Lake.

So, maybe this Evansville isn't so bad after all...

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