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[UPDATE from ArcadeSushi.com: "EA Sports stepped in and rectified things for young Roman a few days later. Not only did he get a copy of Madden NFL 15, he also got a brand new PlayStation 4 as well as a Detroit Lions mini-helmet signed by his favorite player, wide receiver Calvin Johnson."]

A family from Amarillo took their 10 year-old son Roman to last weekend's football game at AT&T stadium between the Cowboys and Lions. The tickets were a surprise from Roman's grandma because he is a huge Detroit Lions fan.

Roman and his family made the trip from Amarillo to Arlington, TX. Before the game started Roman participated in a contest that was being held on one of the stages outside of the stadium. The game was musical chairs and the last person to get a chair would win a brand new PS4 Madden game. Roman ended up being the winner, but when the MC noticed he had a Detroit Lions jersey on she asked to do it all over again because he was a Detroit Lions fan.


After they made Roman complete a re-do of musical chairs, the other guy Roman went against won this time -- and, yes, he was a Dallas Cowboys fan. The MC said they both would receive prizes. The staff gave Roman a Batman DVD and handed the other guy the PS4 Madden game.

Roman's family then talked to the staff and after 10 minutes they handed Roman a Led Zeppelin CD. First of all, Roman won the contest fair and square. Second, what would a 10-year-old do with a Led Zeppelin CD? The family said, "It's not about the prizes, it's about how they cheated Roman out because he was a Lions fan."

In my opinion, it was plain wrong what the Cowboys staff did to this 10-year-old boy and how they handled it. People should be able cheer for whatever team of their choice and still get treated fairly. C'mon really, to a 10-year-old!

Roman's GoFundMe account - Thanks for the help!

Thanks to all of you who donated to Roman’s GoFundMe account, he now has $2,200. Every penny of this will go to Roman and we hope he has fun on his shopping spree! Go get yourself some new video games, toys, and as much Detroit Lions garb as you can carry, little buddy!

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