Evansville is a sprawling mini-metropolis, growing by the day. It's a unique city, and it's only becoming more and more unique in the way it grows. Offering tons of commercial options, as well as a slew of fantastic local hot spots and businesses, Evansville is truly and uniquely wonderful. Occasionally, there are a few bad things that rear their ugly heads too, as there are with every city. It happens. But all in all, Evansville is a pretty awesome place to be, especially if you know it's little nuances and secrets. Here are the good and the bad things you'll only understand if you're from Evansville:

1) How Bad The Twin Bridges Suck

How many times are they going to have to restrict the left lane on the southbound bridge, huh? I want to know how many times this bridge needs to be worked on in one year. I mean, should we just replace them at this point? The Henderson bridges are lane restriction central, ya'll.

2) The Glory That Is Jimtown

Everyone knows that Jimtown is the section of town for dirty fun, law breaking, and toothless dates. It even has its own

3) Methamphetamine
Also, a big downer about Evansville is the meth. You'll also understand the importance of locking up your anhydrous tanks if you're a farmer in the area. You gotta love it here in the 'Ville. It's worth noting that after Indiana was crowned the most meth-y state in 2013, our local government and drug task forces have worked tirelessly and diligently to keep drugs off the streets and the city's meth problems are steadily on the decline.


4) Evansville Watch
Evansville Watch is probably one of the best things to ever come from the city of Evansville in my humble opinion. Evansville Watch is a group of Evansville volunteers that monitor the action in town and then report it on social media.Sometimes it's very vital information such as road closings, and other times it's really funny, really crazy, really Evansville stuff.

5) Insane Weather
One minute it's 33 degrees and cloudy in early February, just like any other winter day in Evansville. Then the very next February day is 70 degrees and sunny, just like it would be that day in somewhere like Florida. We have so much weird weather that makes you go WTF, man?!

6) Having A Southern Accent and Not Being From the South

I am so guilty of this if I'm not careful. I don't know why, but sometimes that southern accent that I acquired from Posey County just slides right on out, ya'll. I also say 'ya'll' a lot too, so there's that. I'm not sure why some of us have southern accents because honestly, this isn't even the south! It's just a southern Indiana thing I suppose.

7) The Smell of Green River Road
Have you ever been driving down Green River road in the evening, just cruising along, and then suddenly get hit with a wall of horrid smells that are like a mixture of dead fish and sewage? Yep, that's Green River Road! Once the most popular destination to cruise is now one of the smelliest to ride along.

8) Our Love of Grippos and Ski

Evansville people love Grippos and Ski. I don't know what it is, but it's like it's ingrained in our DNA. Need chips? Grippos. Need a soda? Ski. Done, and done.

9) The Lloyd Expressway is Anything But An Expressway

With about 500 stop lights (I might be exaggerating, but not by much), the Lloyd Expressway was supposed to be a well-designed expressway to easily and quickly navigate through the city. Epic fail. Not only does it have some stretches of speeds as low as 40 mph, the Lloyd gets backed up with traffic constantly. It's actually easier to take back roads to get from place to place at rush hour.

10) Construction Ahead
Construction ahead is something we are all too familiar with, aren't we? There is always some kind of construction going on in this city, year-round, non-stop. The worst part is, I can never remember what areas to avoid because there are so many areas under construction. Trying to navigate downtown is anybody's worst nightmare.

11) The Fall Festival
Holy cow. This is probably the single biggest event that any Evansville resident definitely knows of. The Fall Festival, the second biggest street festival in the United States, is also the only place on earth where you can get apple cider, brain sandwiches, edible bugs, and anything deep fried. Anything. I think Evansville might really be the redneck hillbilly capital of the world. REPRESENT!

12) Bosse Field
Bosse Field is a venue that everyone knows and loves, and is the home of the fabulous Evansville Otters! Bosse Field is one of the oldest ball fields in the nation, and was also featured in a little film called A League of Their Own.

13) Clabber

Thanks to my lovely grandmother, I am familiar with a little card game that is immensely popular in the local area called Clabber. Older folks take their Clabber very seriously. Do not ever interrupt the older folks during Clabber or you're liable to get clobbered. Also, do not call them older folks to their faces. Sorry, grandma!

14) Our Obsession with Holiday World
Holiday World is every Evansville residents prime vacation destination, aside from the Florida panhandle. Every year we all make that annual trip to the best theme park in the area, and take our picture with the giant Santa Claus! Don't forget about Splashin' Safari and the lazy river (where you can find me all day long).

Luckily, Evansville has way more good things to offer to offset the bad. Evansville is the hub of southern Indiana that offers a variety of entertainment, local hot spots, eateries, and shopping centers. What a great and wonderful place it really is! Can you imagine life without it?

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