Working as a cashier is not an easy job. I worked at Buehler's Buy-Low in Princeton, IN way back in the late '90s and I remember how crazy busy it could get. If you've ever worked directly with the public, you know how challenging it can be. I cannot even imagine working in the service industry during this pandemic.

It takes a lot of patience to work at a grocery store. If you can make conversation with strangers, touch dirty money, and not to mention the leaky meat - YUCK - you deserve a raise. We can't okay a raise in pay for you, so we did the next best thing. We thought it would be nice to let listeners and friends on social media give their favorite cashiers a shout-out.

Who is The Best?

We have a list of everyone that was mentioned, and where they work. One gentleman really stood out, and even got a special mention from Ron Rhodes.

Earl is 'The Man'

"There is a dude at the Southside Schnuck's on Green River Rd. His name is Earl Matthews, and anybody that goes to Schnuck's, they know Earl. Earl is the coolest, he is the best. I've had lunch with him a couple of times. I think he is great. So, he is my pick for the cashier of the day or the year as far as I'm concerned." ~ Ron Rhodes

"Earl is hands down the best cashier anywhere in this world. I've been singing his praises for years!" ~ Tabitha Helmick

Tabitha FB
Tabitha FB
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