When I was in high school, I saw WarGames with Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. It's a movie about a student computer whiz (it's a 1983 movie, by the way) who hacks into the NORAD defense system accidentally and--thinking he's playing a game with the computer--nearly starts World War III. It's a great movie to this day.

While sitting there in the theater, I distinctly remember a scene in which actor Barry Corbin, playing a general, takes a pinch of tobacco from a Red Man pouch. I thought that was pretty cool that a product manufactured in Owensboro was in a major Hollywood film.


In fact, there are many products used or consumed worldwide that are made right here in the Kentucky. We get news alerts all the time about this company or that company building a manufacturing plant of some sort within our borders. Usually, those stories' main highlights are the large number of jobs these endeavors will bring to the Commonwealth, and that's as good a reason for them to be BREAKING news stories as anything.

Then, of course, you have a product like the Louisville Slugger baseball bat which has turned its manufacturing plant into as a big a tourist attraction as any you'll find in Louisville.

I've always wanted to tour factories where items we see everyday are made. And it wouldn't matter to me if I used the product or not. I'm not from Missouri, but "show me" anything like that, and I'll be your captive audience.

I don't know if the facilities where the following 15 items are manufactured offer tours, but I'd take one if they do.

Anyway, here we go. How many of these products did YOU know were made in Kentucky?

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