Wait a minute, I'm confused - did we just go back to 2020? I thought things were back to "normal." I guess I thought wrong. We just learned that organizers for the 2022 Holiday Parade in Evansville have canceled this year's parade, but it has nothing to do with the nonsense that was canceling everything in 2020.

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The Christmas on North Main Parade is sponsored by the Jacobsville Area Community Corporation and usually takes place in mid-November. More than a hundred festive entries (local bands from area high schools as well as floats, clowns, cars, dignitaries, other marching and performing groups, and of course, Santa) make their way from downtown Evansville, up North Main Street, all the way to Bosse Field. Thousands of people line the parade route every year, and it always ends up being a great time for everyone.

Evansville Christmas on North Main parade
Facebook/Evansville Christmas on North Main parade

My left hand usually ends up frozen (that's the one sticking out the station vehicle window), but it it totally worth it to wave at everyone along the way. You can't beat seeing the smiles on all of the kids' faces, and it's always special to see familiar faces that I probably haven't seen since the previous year's parade.

Why Cancel the Parade Already?

The 2022 parade is (would be) about six weeks away, so why is it being canceled already? I can tell you it has nothing to do with a lack of effort or desire on the part of the parade committee of organizers. They would love to put on a parade, but the committee says there are just "too many obstacles to get through." Those obstacles include, among other things, not having enough volunteers to work the parade, and not enough donations - the parade doesn't just pay for itself you know. The committee is hopeful that the parade can and will happen next year - they are already looking at 2023.

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