We could easily do separate lists of famous country musicians or athletes who are from Kentucky, but what about some celebrities who you may NOT know were from the Commonwealth?

There are some on this list that EVERYONE reading this already knows are from the Bluegrass State. And there are some on this list who made a huge mark in entertainment long enough ago that NO ONE reading this knows at all.

And that's why I'm here...to bring together the world-famous and the now-obscure. (I have pseudo-connection to one of the stars I consider to be in the "now-obscure" category.)

On we go. (This will be great info if you bring out Trivial Pursuit when the family gets together during the holidays.)

27 Celebrities from Kentucky Who Aren't Country Musicians - unfinished

We could have a whole OTHER list of country stars from Kentucky--and athletes, for that matter. But how many of THESE celebrities did you know were from the Bluegrass State?

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