If you love a good challenge you're gonna love Wacky Wednesdays.  These are some of the most fun challenges Chad and I attempted during my time on the morning show.


Close your eyes and imagine willfully being stuck to your boss with 200 feet of saran wrap, back to back, and then trying to break away from one another.  The result is nothing short of hee-hawing laughter.  I am surprised neither of us pulled something.


This one is pretty darn self-explanatory.  Chad found this challenge one day while watching YouTube one day.  It took place in Las Vegas and this woman basically broke the world record for watermelon smashing.  I mean who knew that was even a thing but it is and she killed it.  You get a watermelon, place it between your thighs and try to break it open.  Just a little FYI it takes 372 pounds of pressure to crack one, let that sink in.

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Here's our attempt it isn't quite as graceful.

And finally,


This one was a bit awkward for us to say the least.  I feel like the Koala Challenge was made more for dating or married couples and we are the furthest you can get from that situation.  You basically crawl all over your partner's body while trying to maneuver your way up and over and under and through.  Lord help us all it's something to witness.

I am super sad that Wacky Wednesdays are coming to an end but goodness we had some of the best times and thankfully they were all caught on video so we can go back and watch.

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