It's one of the ultimate commitments when you say "I do" to your significant other. That's even true for dogs as 68 canine couples just took the big leap into matrimony in what attempted to be a world record ceremony in Illinois.

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This "unique" event in Geneva, Illinois was just shared by Inside Edition. Their more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube were just treated to this backstory:

This isn’t quite dog heaven, but it’s close. Over 100 adorable pups gathered in Geneva, Illinois, to get married. The goal of the “Diamonds in the Ruff” event was to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Dog Ceremony. Festivities for the day included dogs in adorable wedding outfits, a parade, wedding cake and even champagne — dog friendly, of course. Inside Edition Digital has more.

Diamonds in the Ruff? That's so clever I wish I had thought of it first. Oh, well.

Was it a world record? Sadly, no as it fell short of the 2007 record set by dogs in Colorado. I'd also like to know how you make dog-friendly champagne? I have so many questions. 

The good news is that the event raised money for veterans and animal rescue groups. Doesn't matter if you fall short of a world record when you're helping people (and animals) in need. Well done, wedded barkers.

So will the couples now live in the same dog house? What if the boy accidentally leaves the top off of the dog toothpaste? (Hey, it happens) Like I said, so many questions.

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