Leading into the 2000's, this Chicago neighborhood had a variety of problems. New homes go up, families move in, and the problems started.


Imaging starting life, buying a new house for the family, and after you move in...Hell stops by for a visit. A hell you can't see, a hell that means this million dollar neighborhood is all for nothing.


Vinyl Chloride was found in the well water, that ruined lives and this entire neighborhood.


Missing from this video, all of the homes that NEEDED to be demolished. That's right, the toxicity was so bad that homes needed to be torn down.


Before we get to the video and all of the disturbing images, let's hear from people that knew more about this location:

Chris Petropoulos - That is no country club - that was a house. Really sad what happened to that neighborhood. I used to maintain one of the properties.

Al Lyons - I’ve explored two of those houses you went in about a year ago. Be careful because it’s a “private drive” down that street and I’ve seen cops patrolling. Very cool to explore though.


Colby Crawford - I really think that you should go down in the basement of that abandoned house since it’s so decayed. Please do so and don’t forget to post a video. You may even….get a Scooby snack. Also please show us the toxic water in the other basement.

Blue Lava - What a waste…….. must be hard walking away from such a beautiful neighborhood


This video is scary, and quite disturbing.


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