A popular attraction in Illinois finally reopens after a two-year shutdown.

So Many Great Attractions In Illinois

I understand that Illinois has some problems but there are good things about our state. For one, we have many fun and interesting attractions, especially in Chicago.

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Since there are so many including the major ones like the Willis Tower and the Museum of Science And Industry, sometimes there are amazing places that fly under the radar.

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Underrated Attraction In Illinois

The is one attraction that I believe is very underrated in Illinois. That is the Adler Planetarium. It is filled with incredible exhibits. It does not get the publicity like Navy Pier or Lincoln Park Zoo but it can compete with any of them.

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It can not be easy with the location of the Chicago Lakefront Museum Campus with the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Soldier Field, and Northerly Island. Those are all heavy hitters.

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Some Illinois Attractions Have Not Been Open During COVID

Many of the attractions in Illinois have gutted it out during this pandemic and stayed open whenever they could. Of course, they adjusted as rules and regulations changed.

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Some of the places decided to stay closed and not even try to mess with it. Now, that the numbers are going in the right direction and the mask mandate has been lifted, more attractions are opening back up.

The Adler Planetarium Is Back Open

Finally, after two years of being closed because of COVID, the Adler Planetarium is back. They open this weekend. If you have never been there, make plans for a visit. Go back to check it out if you have already experienced it.

According to the Alder Planetarium Facebook page,

"The Adler Planetarium is the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere!"


"Located on Chicago’s lakeshore, the museum typically hosts more than half a million visitors each year and reaches millions more through youth STEAM programs, neighborhood skywatching events, people-powered research, and other outreach efforts."


"Today, the Adler is bringing our unique approach—scientific exploration rooted in community and connection—to guests from around the world who can enjoy the digital Adler from their own homes, libraries, schools or offices."

For more info, HERE.

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