Angel here.  I am a runner or at least I used to be so I know the rules of the road and plenty of safety tips.  Many runners/walkers in Owensboro are living on the dangerous side of wild-->

I drive to work very early every morning and live a highly populated part of town for runners and walkers.  I cannot count on both hands and feet how many times I have nearly clipped somebody with my vehicle (all jokes aside) because they were walking or running in the middle of the road and of all things in dark clothing.

This may not scare or bother anyone else but for me it does.  I am terrified I am going to hurt someone due to their own lack of safety measures.

Rock Creek Runner had some great tips for safety and also for security while running;

 1) Wear reflectors around your joints: On your ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders. Placing reflectors on your moving joints immediately differentiates you from a still object like a mailbox or lamppost. It also tells the driver which way you’re moving, giving them more context and reaction time.

Most running clothes includes reflectors, but often in the wrong locations. Pay attention to that when selecting clothing, or pick up additional reflective tape or straps to add.

2) Wear bright clothing: Reflectors only reflect when hit directly by the light, so throw on bright-colored clothing to make sure you’re seen even when the reflectors aren’t. Besides, neons are in these days, right?

3) Carry a light: Even on the road, bumps, potholes, and sidewalks can all send you flying towards the ground. If your street isn’t well lit, carry a light.

4) Wear a flasher: When running on a busy street or in the middle of the city, throw on a flasher. It may look a little silly, but the flashing red or white lights may be just the thing that keeps you alive. If you can’t find one at your local running store, check the bike shop.

5) Be mindful of your surroundings: In general, runners are just as safe from human predators at night as they are during the day, but you should always be careful. Stay out of dark parks, away from quiet alleys, and on the side of the street with the streetlights. Just be smart.

6) Tell someone where you’re going or stick together: This is a good rule regardless of the time of day. Tell someone where you’re going, and if you can, bring a friend along for the run.

7) Ditch the earbuds: Remember, you’re sense of hearing will heighten as your sight gets impaired. Don’t block out noise by cranking loud music. Listen for cars, people, and anything else that might be coming your way.

Very Well Fit had great tips as well.

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