The immersive Van Gogh experience that has been all over the internet these past few months is heading to Kentucky this Summer.

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When I was a kid the one artist I remembered learning about the most was Vincent Van Gogh, I don't know if it's because the story of him cutting off his ear was fascinating or as a tiny emo child, I loved the Starry Night painting, but either way, he's one of those artists that just stuck with me. Now you can see his artwork like never before as the Beyond Van Gogh experience is heading to Lousiville and I will definitely be making the short drive to check it out.

Photo by Redd on Unsplash
Photo by Redd on Unsplash

What is Beyond Van Gogh?

I have friends who have gone to Beyond Van Gogh in Indianapolis and the photos they've shared are just incredible. It really looks like it's taken Van Gogh's art and brought it to life.  Here's what says about the experience:

Beyond Van Gogh is a new truly immersive experience. While other shows use virtual reality or still images, our show breaks barriers by incorporating both still and moving art. Masterpieces, now freed from frames, come alive, appear, and disappear, flow across multi-surfaces, the minutia of details titillating our heightened senses. The show is projected on every surface around you, this makes you feel as though you have stepped directly into a Van Gogh painting. We accompany the show with a beautiful score and include many other surprises!

During the event, you'll get to see over 30,000 square feet completely transformed into Van Gogh works of art.

Photo by Redd on Unsplash
Photo by Redd on Unsplash

When will Beyond Van Gogh take place?

Beyond Van Gogh will be stopping in Louisville from June 6, 2022 through September 3, 2022.  You can get ticketing information, here. 

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