Bret Michaels has a new TV credit to his name. No we already know about his reality TV gig, This time Bret is a guest correspondent for The Weather Channel as a Storm Chaser. Yeah, The Weather Channel.  The Rock of Love and Celebrity Apprentice star was featured on the channel's "Weather Warrior" segment last week after sending in some video of the extreme weather he encountered on tour through the middle America. The first part of his footage was taken from his tour bus.

He tells the camera, " I am on tour and heading into one of the most insane storms I've ever seen. You've got to see this lightning, check it out. Woah. The wind's gotta be blowing at least 40 mph. All kinds of insane lightning strikes. This is awesome. Scary, but cool."

... Michaels is then seen boarding a private plan for the next part of his trip. Footage from the sky showed miles of fields and towns flooded by a massive storm.  Every Storm his it's.....You know.

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