This morning, Chad sent me a very cryptic photo of his hand. I thought, "What is this all about?" A short time later, I got a call...

Chad explained that his hand and arm were numb and he asked me to find out info about what he was experiencing. From my very scientific research on the interwebs, I believe Chad is experiencing what some cyclists call "Dead Hand."

Because the bike's handlebars put pressure on the veins in the hands, blood flow slows and your experience long bouts of numbness in your arm. It's kind of like your arm went to sleep...

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To combat "dead hand," one should:

  • Swing their arms in a windmill position.
  • Alter hand placement on the bike.
  • Move fingers in a grasping motion.
  • Put a cut up pool noodle or pipe insulation over your handle bars for support and cushion.
  • Take weight off hands by sitting in an upright position.

You can find more cyclist approved cures for "dead hand" on


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