One of coolest stops on our recent cruise of the Greek isles was Santorini.  This place is world-famous for its blue-domed roofs and Kevin and I got the chance to see them in person.  Check out the photos of the towns Thira and Oia.  You're going to be absolutely blown away.  Captivated!

Here's the view of Thira from our cruise ship!


There are exactly three ways to get up to the top.  You can take a cable car (the wait is eternal).  You can walk it.  Kevin and I did . . . and I thought we were going to die.  There were LOTS of steps.  Or, you can do this . . .


That's right.  You can ride a donkey up.   LOL!  However you choose to get up to the top, the view is totally worth the journey.  Otherwise, trust me.  The guy in the orange tank top would NEVER have agreed to do this.


The view from the top.

In the town of Oia.

The view in Oia.  This looks a bit like the earlier photo.  But this is a different town.

The famous blue domes!

They are absolutely breathtaking!

Had to get a selfie!  Clearly, I ignored the danger sign in the bottom left-hand side of the photo.

How freaking gorgeous is that?!

Random photo op.  You can't tell, but just beyond those doors was a resort.  There were about six drunk girls in a swimming pool and they were singing at the top of their lungs.  LOL!

Clearly, we weren't walking down the cliffs to get back to the ship.  So, we took the cable car!

The view from our ferry as we tendered back to the ship.