The top TikTok food trend of 2022 was low-carb, keto-friendly, healthy, and easy to make. It was Cloud Bread. The bread had over 3.2 billion views on the social media site. Everyone was making their version of the weird and delicious cloud-like bread.

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After the first video, we realized that we could personalize the bread through color. Everything else would be the same, but we could make it whatever we wanted it to be. Each holiday could have its own version of Cloud Bread. All you have to do is add different colors.

One of the main ingredients in Cloud Bread is food coloring.

@myhealthydish Here’s everything you need to know when baking Cloud Bread #cloudbread#TikTokRecipe#recipes#tiktokpartner#learnontiktok♬ original sound - My Nguyen

So, adding the different colors of food coloring to your bread mixture could give it a totally different feel from the blue clouds. Jazz it up to make it more festive. 

@aroseslimes Let's make Christmas cloud bread!! The recipe for cloud bread! #cloud#cloudbread#aroseslimes#yummy#diy#christmas#recipe @jennibmdtpc ♬ original sound - Ariel & Jill


Just like the red food coloring, you could instead add the green. Or, you could swirl in both red AND green. You can personalize it for your holidays, or any time of year, however, you like. 

 Found this festive holiday recipe, too. 

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