After hearing suggestions from those unable to attend the first three, the Evansville Police Department will host their next "Coffee with a Cop" event this Saturday morning beginning at 9am.

The idea is simple, EPD officers will get together at Donut Bank on St. Joe Avenue for a cup of hot coffee, and invite the public to join them to talk about whatever.

Have a concern about something going on in your neighborhood? Talk to them about it. Want to know some of the inner workings of the department? Ask. Curious about their thoughts on how the <insert sports team here> are playing? Just ask. There's no agenda, no presentation by the department, simply a couple of hours "coffee talk".

Saturday's event will also give attendees the opportunity to get an up close look at the Reitz and Mater Dei Jeeps the department unveiled a little over a month ago during the official kick off of their "Choose Not to Lose" campaign / press conference at Eastland Mall.

As Chief Billy Bolin told me before the first "Coffee with a Cop", the goal is to help erase the negative stigma the public can sometimes place on officers simply because they're doing their job. It's a great idea, and one I hope to see continue for some time.