How have I missed this roller coaster?  I am huge roller coaster fan and I routinely sit down at my computer and surf YouTube for videos of coasters that I want to ride.  But, I somehow missed this one . . . Colossus at Thorpe Park in London, England.  But over the weekend my friend Shirley Shown found video of it and tagged it to my Facebook page.  The caption was simply, "Who wants to try this?"  I do!  I do!!!!  What about you?

And, while we're on the subject of Thorpe Park.  I did some research about this place.  It looks INCREDIBLE!  They have some really inventive and cutting-edge attractions.  This year the park is unveiling a new coaster called Darren Brown's Ghost Train.  It combines coaster technology with CGI and film to give passengers a truly one-of-a-kind thrill.  Here's a preview!

The park is even home to a roller coaster inspired by the movie Saw.  This looks unbelievably terrifying!!

And, we all know that rides don't have to be roller coasters to be scary.  Check out this one!  This is called The Slammer!

To learn more about the crazy rides at Thorpe Park in England, CLICK HERE!!  And, can I just answer the question, "Who wants to try this?"  The answer... ME!!!!  All of it!