This past week, I have been scouring Pinterest for the perfect Easter brunch recipes. I have narrowed it down to a maple-bourbon-dijon ham, stuffed blackberry french toast, bacon and egg asparagus, and a tropical fruit salad. My family drives over to our Indiana home from Kentucky and we all sit down to enjoy time together.

Now, as much as I LOVE food (and I do LOVE food, you see) it's not the most important thing to me about Easter. And, as much as I LOVE watching my daughter egg hunting and finding her basket from EB, it's still not my favorite part about Easter. My absolute favorite part about Easter being able to thank God for the sacrifice He made for me through worship.

When I was first looking for a church home in the area, I started attending a church in Henderson, KY. I adored that church, especially Ms. Betty and Skip who considered my daughter her church granddaughter. But, it got to be too much to drive to Henderson, especially after we moved to the Boonville area. So, I went on the hunt again. I found that it was so much easier for me to dress up my child and get her out the door on a Saturday afternoon rather than a Sunday morning. I also wanted a church that I could tune into online if I couldn't make it in to the building.

I went to a few different churches and though I had visited Crossroads before with my in-laws, when I popped in on a random Saturday a couple summers ago, things were different. They were about to induct Patrick Garcia as the new pastor and he was speaking that afternoon. I liked his style. I like the church's style of being progressive without being judgey. I liked that my daughter really liked the kids' church and her opportunities to attend outside events like choir and summer camp.

So, I kept going. And for a very large church, it feels very personal. And they offer a lot of things I was looking for in a church. Life isn't easy - but it's truly helpful when a church can meet me where I'm at. I love the fact that if I wake up late on a Sunday, I can still "go" to church!

Now, Easter is a BIG // HUGE // COLOSSAL deal at any church... Christmas and Easter. And it's no secret that a lot of people only go on these two holidays. It's also no secret that some people feel out-of-place or intimidated at church. One day my friend told me that she had church anxiety and honestly, I DO TOO! It's a big group of strangers and I'm an introvert. (EEEK) but the cool thing about Crossroads is that you feel welcome without overwhelmed. And, they wait for you to approach and request more information. Then, it's up to you how invested you want to be.

When I asked Patrick Garcia, the lead pastor about what people can expect at Easter service, he wanted to make sure people feel welcome.

"Have you ever felt like God was disappointed in you? Have you ever thought Jesus was done with you? Well regardless of what comes to mind when you think about faith, I’d like to personally invite you and your family to experience Easter at Crossroads this weekend. Between our Newburgh and West campuses, we’ll have nine services.  Childcare will be provided for children 5th grade and below.  Don’t miss out, we really believe that Easter can change everything for you!"

So, you can dress up in your Easter best or your favorite sweats and tennis shoes and head to either the Newburgh or West location. Or tune in online, that's awesome too! We'd love to have you, just how you are!

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