Nine students and four adults from Spoke N Revolutions Youth Cycling in Chapel Hill, North Carolina  are coming to Owensboro Monday, June 27.  The group is on a bicycling trek on the Underground Railroad . The route extends from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Niagra Falls, New York.

The Theme of this years cycling event is Freedom.  The 1800 mile trip will take the group to Mobile Ala. to Niagra Falls New York which is the route enslaved people took for a chance at freedom. This summer marks the 150 Anniversary of the Civil War.

During the ride students are asked to consider the following: What does freedom mean to you?  Is it the ability to do whatever you want when you want? The freedom to roam wherever?  What freedom does opportunity bring?

The city of Owensboro will host the group Monday at noon at City Hall. If you see these folks in town next week or on the road be sure to honk and shout out a word of encouragement for Freedom.

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