I saw one of those click bait things on Facebook today from TV Guide and totally went

all in. It was the Shows You're Giving Up on in 2016. I have a three-year-old and work full-time so the extent of my TV viewing is DVRed The Goldbergs (HILARIOUS and totally worth the 20 minutes) and an occasional CSI Las Vegas rerun, again on DVR. (I almost always have forgotten the plot line and who dunnit.)


So, I'm flipping through the list and I was surprised by The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones being on it. Everyone seems to love those shows and I've not heard one person say they are "over them." Then, I got to the end of the list and there it was... Grey's Anatomy.

I started watching Grey's WAAAAAY back when they were fresh out of medical school. It was cool because it focused on crazy medical cases and threw in some intern love affairs now and then. I really got into the season of Izzy's health crisis and then Denny dying on her. She had to cut the lvad wire! She had to! Then it went by way of Nip Tuck and got a little nuts. (That show was all downhill after the Carver season.)

Meredith was in a hospital holding a bomb (almost died). Then Meredith fell into a freezing lake and died but came back to life. Then she had a baby via c-section with no electricity and died again then came back again and was involved in a mass shooting along with a horrible plane crash that killed almost everyone in the show. For a complete guide, here's a guide to Every Awful Thing that has Ever Happened to Meredith Grey. The worst part is, her BFF Christiana Yang moved far far away and never calls, never writes, never even Skypes. Srsly... When Yang had enough, so did I. I finally came to the realization that I had enough problems in my own life. Why would I want to pine over someone else's terrible, make-believe, never-ending drama?

Remember when Friends decided to end the show amidst the height of their popularity? They weren't the drunk friends hanging around the bar at the end of the night. They weren't quietly told, "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here." Same thing with Sex and the City. Carrie indulged fans with a few movies but once it was over, it was over. Carrie didn't need to get divorced and remarried with four kids and see them die, and her husband die, and her mom die, and all her friends die, and herself die a few times but always come back to life and replace her kids, husband, mom and friends with new ones. She just didn't! She went to Mexico, Charlotte pooped her pants and then Carrie got married and lived happily ever after and so did her friends! Then, they went on vacation again. The END.

So, Grey's, you might be gearing up for your 12th season and there's a reason you are still on network TV. There's also a reason you just won a People's Choice Award. You still have an audience and they love you but comeon. It's time... It's just time...