A delivery guy had a dilemma. He was in the middle of an order when his vehicle decided to stop working. What to do? Answer: get picked up by a good-hearted police officer who understands the importance of a good meal delivered.

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This video was just shared today out of Wisconsin. Watch the video and you'll notice that the police officer does more than just drop the guy off for the delivery. He goes up to the door to explain to the people why he was late delivering the food verifying his car broke down.

Police officers seem to constantly get a bad rap in the mainstream media. I have worked with numerous departments and officers over the years and find that a vast majority really are just trying to be there for people and not play games of "gotcha".

By the way, if you're thinking this is just a PR stunt done by a police department, it isn't. The video footage was captured by a RING doorbell cam of the family who were waiting on the delivery. The officer and delivery man don't appear to even know they were being recorded.

Let's hope the people who received the food gave him a big tip considering all the trouble he went through to make sure that their meal made it to its destination.

As for the officer, we salute you. Job well done again by one of those who are sworn to protect and to serve and this guy did all of those things and more.

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