Do you love adventure?  Are you a kid at heart?  What if we told you we found an indoor playground that isn't just for kids but it's made for adults too!  Think American Ninja Warrior.


No matter how old you get it is important to keep moving and incorporating physical activity into your daily life.  The biggest reason is to keep your body working properly and to help you fight off the aging process.

According to;

Excessive inactivity enhances rapid disruption of normal function in tissues as well as cells and gene expression. The adverse effects of an inactive lifestyle and a lack of exercise have been verified by an enormous amount of epidemiological studies. In detail, physical inactivity or a lack of lifetime exercise increases the relative risk of coronary heart disease by 45%, stroke by 60%, hypertension by 30%, and diabetes type 2 by 50% in the United States.

Basically, you need to get out and get active and we found an awesome place for you to do that in Ohio.


Play CLE is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  It is the largest Indoor Adventure Park in the Nation.  It's basically like  Elite-Air in Owensboro or Sky Zone in Evansville on a major amount of steroids.

Here's how their Facebook page describes them;

We're the Midwest's largest indoor adventure park with zip lines, ropes/obstacle courses, climbing walls, a parkour course, and one of the largest ninja course & bouldering walls around. Group space for party/conference rooms and a full kitchen/bar.

Imagine 25,000 square feet of room to climb, run, and play.  There are two levels at Play CLE and the course is made for everyone.  Watching the videos reminded me of the American Ninja Warrior television show.  I'm just thankful they have a soft place to land when you fall.


It's like this place is one big Super Mario World.  It would be a blast to visit.



Play CLE is adding a brand-new feature to their facility.  They will be bringing augmented reality climbing and it's incredible.


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