When I think of Missouri history, I think of Daniel Boone. That's accurate, but in this case you need to go way further back than guys in coonskin caps. There's a mastodon that was first discovered in Missouri and not out west where most people think.

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Missouri State Parks tells the story of how archeologists found the first ever mastodon bones near Kimmswick, Missouri over 200 years ago. Kimmswick contains what is known as the Kimmswick Bone Bed. Mastodon and other dinosaur bones were found there and the official site mentions the 1979 discovery of a spear used by ancient hunters in that area.

The mastodon was a fierce creature that is known to have roamed ancient Missouri. Think elephants are intimidating? Check out CGI of what scientists believe these beasts appeared like.

Missouri has the Mastodon State Historic Site where you can see remnants of the giants that were found in this region.

The Missouri State Parks website mentions that several excavations have been sponsored at this location in the state back in 1979, 1980 and 1984. There's no mention if any future excavations are planned. Considering all that's been found at this Kimmswick, Missouri site already, I have to wonder what else might exist there. Fascinating history that is right in our own backyard. It's the Show Me version of Jurassic Park.

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