Personally speaking, I may barf my face off.  I don't think this sounds good at all.  But, I have a hunch, since you clicked on this story, that you may be among the legion of people who would actually make and eat this.

Earlier this week here at and our morning show, Angel and I chatted with my friend LaShalle Smith, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. LaShalle was visiting Baltimore, where she bought a canister of Pickle Cotton Candy from the store It's Sugar.  As I said when I shared her story, I love cotton candy, but the thought of eating cotton candy that tastes like pickles makes me want to cut off my tongue like I'm in the horror movie Saw.  That just sounds NASTY!

By the way, for the record, LaShalle had her cotton candy shipped from Baltimore to Nashville.  She finally tried it this week and gave it a mere 5 out of 10.  She said, "It's not bad or great either.  This is something I won't buy again.  My child said it's straight trash."  LOL!  That's probably the exact sentiment I would have if that got anywhere near this mouth.

Well, just in time for the holidays (or to torment me just in time for the holidays), my friend Karen Duncan shared this with me.  She posted, "I just saw a recipe for Dill Pickle Chex Mix."

Uh, I'm sorry.  What?? Dill Pickle Chex Mix?????  Are you friggin' kidding me?  When?  Where?  Why?

Chex Mix is a Christmas staple in my family. Every holiday season, my mother makes a killer batch of Chex Mix and she makes about a barrel of it.  But, thankfully, she's never laced it with pickle juice.  After I saw Karen's comment, I hopped online to see if Dill Pickle Chex Mix is actually a real thing.  And, guess what?  It is.  As a matter of fact, there are a variety of recipes for it online.

The basic blueprint for the recipes is about what you'd expect from a Chex Mix recipe. Equal parts Corn Chex and Rice Chex with some pretzel pieces and bagel chips tossed in for good measure.  Two of the recipes I found, one from Betty Crocker (who's clearly off her rocker) and WicklesPickles, call for vegetable oil, some garlic powder and a dry ranch dressing mix.  I can deal with all of those ingredients and, honestly, that combo sounds pretty darn good.  Good job, Betty!  Way to go, Wickles!

But, then, their trains jump the tracks.  Both Betty and Wickles call for tablespoons of pickle juice.  As someone who thinks pickle juice is the equivalent of swill, there is zero chance I am adding that ingredient to my Chex Mix.  Not happening. No way. No when. Nowhere. No how.

But, if you're a pickle fan, you're in luck. I found a quick, step-by-step recipe for you on YouTube.  Family Fresh Meals' recipe is a touch different from Betty's and Wickles'. Spoiler alert! It has Cheez-Its in it.

ENJOY! I'll be over here dry heaving.

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