Hungry for dinner but you don't want to leave your pup home alone? We found the perfect place where your dog can order off the menu, too. 

It's time to finally enjoy the weather in Illinois. We have a few weeks before it gets unbearably hot and when it's perfect like this, we want to be outside eating and drinking and we want to bring our furry friends, too!

There are actually quite a few places in the Rockford area that will let you bring your dog to join you on the patio, and one of them just released a dog menu you can order off too.

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Baker Street Burgers in the Edgebrook Center has always been excited to welcome your pups to their patio. In fact, they have an entire Instagram account devoted to the dogs who stop by.

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And yesterday, they posted their new menu, making me laugh and making me want to share it with you!

For just $3 each, you can order a beef patty, some bacon, chicken broth or a scoop of ice cream for your puppy while you order one of these burgers for yourself.

The only question I have is, can humans order off the menu too? Because I could do for some bacon with a side of ice cream.

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