It's coming, the coldest temperatures and wind chill factors we've seen in quite some time. Your car may be a place where you normally store a lot of stuff you may not need right away, however, make sure the following items are not in your car while we go through the Polar Vortex. 

The first one is easy, your keys. You can warm up your car for a little bit just don't  accidentally lock yourself out. I always make sure I have my extra set of car keys on me just in case. If you do need to make a quick stop, although you may be tempted to leave your car running while you run in and grab something, it's best to turn off your car and take your keys with you. Otherwise, someone else may steal your nice, warm vehicle.

Next, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops should never be left in a cold (or hot car) due to the risk of damaging circuits, screens, and zapping your battery life.

Just about any musical instrument can be damaged in extreme cold be it a band instrument or a guitar.

As far as food and drink, anything in a glass bottle or container can freeze and expand, thus, explode. Same thing applies to canned drinks. Most foods in glass jars will not survive the cold. While you think alcohol can freeze no problem, get those out of your car as they could possibly leak or again, expand and explode.

Baby formula and other foods need to be typically stored at room temperature. The ingredients could separate in freezing conditions making the item perhaps inedible.

Medication, be it liquid or pills need to be taken inside. Extreme temperatures will change their effectiveness.

Anything else you're not sure about, get it out of your potentially freezing vehicle.

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