Back to school season is exciting for so many reasons.  When I was a kid, I, like so many of my friends, lived for back-to-school shopping.  That's always a highlight for students.  For teachers, they live for getting their classrooms ready for the new school year and the incoming crop of students.  East View Elementary School art teacher Mary-Ava Poole was determined to put the 2019 school year on full color blast and she did just that.  Check out the entrance to her classroom.  It's absolutely epic.

Mary-Ava Poole/Facebook
Mary-Ava Poole/Facebook

Ms. Poole always decorates around a theme each school year.  Last year's opening day theme was Harry Potter.  This year's theme hits much closer to home . . . literally.

To achieve this masterful and artistic entrance to her classroom, Mary-Ava repeatedly raided the swatch selection at Sherwin Williams.  She has been renovating her house and has made endless trips to the paint store this summer.  So, she decided to tap into that experience and bring a sense of color and wonder to her classroom. The creation is absolutely a work of art and a colorful "Welcome Back" for her incoming students.

Ms. Poole shared the photo on her social media page a couple of days ago with this clever headline- "Don't believe me just swatch!"

And, make no mistake, her students will be "swatching" a master when the new school year begins.  If they're ready to tackle the new school year and new adventures in art class, Ms. Poole's ready.  The room's ready.  All they have to do is open that amazing door and enter a world of artistic wonder and imagination.


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