Girl Scout cookies have been around for forever. Well, since about 1917; five years into the founding of the Girl Scouts by Juliette Gordon Low. The first Girl Scout cookies were baked at home and were sold in a school cafeteria as a service project.

Now, the cookies are a big deal. From Girl Scout cookie flavored yogurt, coffee creamers, and other products to the thousands of girls hitting the pavement and selling the treats that NO ONE can pass up, let's just say the Girl Scout cookie has become a staple in American culture.

When I was a Girl Scout, I had to go door-to-door and sell to all the neighbors. Did I mention I lived on a country road and the houses were a good quarter of a mile apart? This experience was my first good indicator that I didn't want to ever been in sales as a full-time career. "Um, hello. My family ignores you every other day of the year but could you please buy some cookies to support my after-school organization?" That was torture. Luckily, there was a lady at the top of the hill who used the cookies to bake with all year long. She'd buy about 50 boxes, get me to my quota, and I'd be golden. The trick was to get to her before Meredith, Amber, or any of the other girls in my troupe.

Life was hard back then.

Today, though, the competition is even stiffer! There are MORE Girl Scouts who are marketing and selling in all sorts of ways. So, you have to be creative, resourceful, and take some initiative. That's exactly what Lily McReynolds, longtime Girl Scout does every year. Enter's Lily's annual Girl Scout cookie commercial.

Lily writes, directs, and stars in her commercial every year that includes MUSIC. Wow. Her mom, Ashley McReynolds is the marketing director at cMoe, so she gets it honest.

Here is this year's commercial. Hats off to Lily for her creativity! If you want to purchase cookies from Lily, click on Ashley's name below and message her.


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