Seven years ago Kisska was adopted from It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue here in Evansville.  Just recently she was located at a kill shelter across the country.

Kisska was adopted from It Takes a Village, and unfortunately ITV was alerted recently that after 7 years, she ended up at a kill shelter all the way in Los Angeles California. ITV is working hard to find resources, and any help they can in getting Kisska back to Evansville where she can be in the care of ITV and be safe.  If you or anyone you know has any connections to Los Angeles, or maybe a truck driver who travels that way, please let them know. Obviously this is one of those instances where time is of the essence. You can email them at

Tangila from ITV shared this about Kisska:

Help! Our Kisska was adopted from us 7 years ago and has now ended up in a kill shelter in Los Angeles, California. We need to get her back to us here in Evansville. Does anyone have transport connections or knows of a truck driver that can help? Please email us at info@
Time is critical!

Let's help get Kisska back to the Tri-State!


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