The Cleveland Browns are so bad you might think they're named after the color of the way they play.

The team's play on the field, its bungled front office moves and PR nightmares (we're looking squarely at you, Johnny Manziel) has gotten so awful that you can't help but wonder if the fans would cheer if it tried to leave the city again.

There may be no fanbase in professional sports (not even the 76ers) more frustrated than the poor souls who root for the Browns. It's like having a scarlet "A" on your chest. In a city that hasn't won a pro sports championship since 1964, the Browns have found ways not to just lose, but lose consistently under different regimes that almost -- almost -- make their loyal and heartbroken fans contemplate converting to Steeler-ism.

To wit:

Yes, the Browns are terrible, which is why you have to love this faux ad for season tickets for next season. It simply tells it like it is, which is the way the Browns front office will never admit to the fans.

Our advice to the good people of Cleveland? Go all in on LeBron.

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