I've always heard that chocolate is dangerous, if not fatal, for dogs. I'm not arguing. I don't imagine sugar is very good for them, period. But, again, I'm no expert.

The FDA? Now those are experts.

And they've issued a warning to all dog owners about the dangers of the artificial sweetener called Xylitol.

Xylitol is a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in a lot of plants.

It's used to sweeten gums, certain baked goods, and chocolate.

Dave Spencer


Dave Spencer

And it's actually one of the best artificial sweeteners out there because it's natural.

But it isn't safe for dogs warns the agency. They don't go on to say exactly what it does to them but it acts as a poison.

Obviously, no one would deliberately give a pet something with Xylitol in it, at least I hope not.

But dogs will be dogs and they'll try anything. So just be aware.

As good as the sweetener is for us, that's how bad it is for them.