If you're like me, you are trying to figure out how to have the best Christmas on a small budget. But, you could have money in your name and not even realize it. It's called Unclaimed Property, and I even found some in my name.


What is Unclaimed Property?

In this case, the unclaimed property could be anything from a refund from the BMV, overpayment from certain bills, or even money held in a safe deposit box (I thought those were just used in the movies).

Any financial asset with no activity by its owner for an extended period of time is considered unclaimed property. This includes unclaimed wages or commissions; savings and checking accounts; stock dividends; insurance proceeds; underlying shares; customer deposits or overpayments; certificates of deposit; credit balances; refunds; money orders; and safe deposit box contents.

How Do I Know if it's Mine?

According to the Indiana Unclaimed website, Evansville, Indiana has over 35 Million Dollars in unclaimed property. That is a whole bunch of cash just waiting for someone to claim it. So, how do you know if any of it is yours? There is a super easy-to-use search area on the Indiana Unclaimed website.

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Do All States have Unclaimed Property?

If you have lived or worked in other states you should check FindMyFunds.com This site will search all of the states. I lived in Tallahassee way back in 2008, and I found out that I have an 'Undisclosed' amount waiting for me

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