Talk about living on Holy Ground!  This former Kentucky Church has been transformed into a gorgeous two-bedroom condo and it will literally make your jaw drop.


St. Anthony Church in Bellevue, Kentucky is nearly a century old and has a rich history.  According to City Beat out of Cinncinati the church was transformed into five contemporary two-story loft condos.  This past week my husband, showed me where one of those condos was up for sale


The post we saw was on the Facebook page For the Love of Old Houses and apparently this was so majorly hot property.  The realtor from The First Showing, LLC, had this to say;

Unique transformation and a fan favorite on For The Love Of Old Houses with over 10,000 likes in just a few days. This one didn't last long and had over 60 offers!

This isn't the first time this condo has been on the market.  It was for sale in 2020 and came back on the market just recently.  I don't know why anyone would want to move out it is absolutely the most gorgeous condo I have ever seen.


For the Love of Old Houses describes the condo in a way you can actually picture it;

2,152 square feet. 2 bedrooms 2 baths. $425,000!

Not your typical condo - stunning loft condo in century-old St Anthony's church in heart of Bellevue, and mere moments from Cov, downtown Cinci, Reds, and Bengals! Original stained glass and woodwork complemented with modern open layout and finishes. Soaring ceilings, polished hardwood floors, abundant storage (in the unit and in the common basement), powered blinds, outdoor patio, one car garage, and additional off-street parking.


If given the opportunity I would totally retire in this condo.  The space doesn't look cramped and even with only two bedrooms looks like you could entertain or have the family over to visit and not feel like you don't have enough room.

Former Kentucky Church Transformed Into A Breathtaking Condo A Must See

St. Anthony Church in Bellevue, Kentucky is nearly a century old and has a rich history. According to City Beat out of Cincinnati the church was transformed into five contemporary two-story loft condos.

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