In case you somehow missed it, Freeform TV (formerly ABC Family) announced they were expanding their wildly popular "13 Nights of Halloween" television event to every single night of October. And on Tuesday, they revealed the entire 31 night schedule. Get your DVR ready.

The nightly event begins and ends with nearly everyone's favorite, Hocus Pocus (which will get a few showings over the course of the event), and also includes more "family-friendly" Halloween fare such as The Adams Family, Hotel Transylvania, and The Haunted Mansion. 

There are a few head-scratching titles in there as well. Last time I checked, Frozen, Despicable Me, and Mrs. Doubtfire have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, but they're on the schedule, so maybe it was just a matter of not having enough family-friendly, Halloween-themed films to fill the entire schedule. Whatever they case, they're there for you to enjoy if you want.

Check out the complete schedule below, or on the 31 Nights of Halloween Facebook page.

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