This is so exciting!  Friday After 5, Owensboro's FREE downtown music festival, is eligible for a $25,000 grant.  And YOU can help make that a reality by voting.  Here's what you need to do.


The grant is available from The Levitt Amps Foundation, which offers ten $25,000 grants for outdoor festivals that run at least ten consecutive weeks, are free and open to the public.  Friday After 5, most definitely, fits all those qualifications.  And although Friday After 5 is in the running, only the top ten vote-getters receive the $25,000 grants.
Voting takes place between November 2nd and November 30th. Voters must submit their e-mail address to ensure each vote is legitimate (however, the organization does not release any e-mail addresses). To vote you should go online to and click on “VOTE”. And, remember, you can only vote ONCE!
Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Friday After Five and winning a $25,000 would be a great way to celebrate!  So, please . . . if you have enjoyed Friday After Five and love spending your Friday nights in downtown Owensboro, please VOTE today!