The Girl Scouts 2022 cookie season has been going on for a while now, and if you're afraid you might have missed hopping on this year's cookie train, no worries! Girl Scout Cookie booths will finally be open for business all over the Stateline area this weekend!

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
John Moore

 Where To Score Girl Scouts Cookies in Rockford This Weekend

In past years, it had been hard to miss when Girl Scout cookie season was in full swing because you were usually greeted by the Scouts' sweet smiles and treats when you stopped by a local store, then the COVID pandemic happened and ruined everything.

As a first-year Girl Scout, specifically a Daisy, my oldest daughter Ella had an absolute blast selling cookies (and wearing an actual Thin Mint costume) at local stores in 2020, and then literally the next week after her final cookie-selling shift, life shut down thanks to COVID.

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Ella was super bummed that setting up cookie booths in 2021 was a big no-no, but thankfully they are making their triumphant return this weekend in the Stateline area!

How to Find a Girl Scouts Cookie Booth Near You

Gone are the days of knowing the right people, or in this case girls, that can fulfill your Girl Scouts cookie fix, you can now buy them onlinebut supporting a local troop is always best because that is how troops primarily fund all their fun events and activities.

To benefit their troops, the Girls Scouts of Northern Illinois have created a simple website tool that will tell you the dates, times, and all the locations where troops will have cookie booths set up in the Rockford area over the next few weekends. Just click here, type in your area code and then you can start planning your next cookie buying spree!

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