Our friends at Loudwire filmed this hilarious clip of GWAR front-thing Oderus Urungus offering a dramatic and NSFW reading of the children's book 'Goodnight Moon.'

We wouldn't recommend allowing impressionable kids under the age of, say, 10, to watch this, though.

Look at his costume. The spikes! The boils! The voice! You want your kids to go to sleep, peacefully, thus keeping them out of your hair. This will keep them awake longer since they will be terrified and scared of closing their eyes after getting a look at Oderus.

He is clearly not anyone you want babysitting your kids or reading bedtime stories to them, since they will end up with potty mouths. Allowing him to do so would be some lazy parenting on your part.

Good thing he is seated and you can't see his signature cod piece. That would frighten your kid for life, and possibly leave you curled up in a fetal position with scarred retinas, as well.

But if you are of age and have a sense of humor, you should get more than a few hearty laughs out of Oderus' rendition of this classic bedtime tale.

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