I could kick myself. Here I am, the guy who touts bucket lists, and I let an entry pass me right by.

I realize there's only so much time in a week, especially when it's shortened. And that's what happened close to 14 years ago. My family had gone on ahead; I couldn't leave until that Wednesday. And like an idiot, I told them I didn't mind if they went to Dollywood without me. They went on Tuesday.

So yeah, that's FOURTEEN years of kicking myself. There's so much I know I'd love to see at Dollywood...not the least of which is the restaurant called Granny Ogle's Ham 'n' Beans. Lord that sounds good.

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But Dollywood isn't going anywhere and I still have plenty of time. And, in fact, I might out to wait to see how the popular Pigeon Forge theme park is going to look after they pour $500 million into it.

That's the price tag for a new and massive expansion project that will take place over the course of the next ten years.

Part of those renovations is a new 302-room resort called Heartsong, which is also the name of a 1994 Dolly Parton album, and it will begin taking reservations in the fall of 2022. And of course, those rooms will all have themes. I would expect no less from Dolly.

In fact, it feels odd to even WRITE the word "less" when it comes to Dolly Parton. That word CERTAINLY doesn't describe the master plan for Dollywood over the next decade. There are indications that there will be three MORE resorts that will go up.

More room, more fun, more Dolly.

You gotta love the Smokies, but, more specifically, you gotta love how much DOLLY loves the Smokies.

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