Investigators with the Henderson Police Department are asking for your help identifying a man they believe stole from a local discount store.

Henderson Police Looking to ID Man in Connection with Recent Theft

The Department shared the photos below of the man on its Facebook page Wednesday morning saying they believe the man shoplifted from Rose's Discount Store on Zion Road. The post did not specify when the theft took place nor what items were shoplifted.

Henderson Police Department via Facebook
Henderson Police Department via Facebook
Henderson Police Department via Facebook
Henderson Police Department via Facebook
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The suspect must be someone investigators are familiar with as they included in the post that he is usually seen riding a bike and wearing a black backpack.

A number of residents commented on the post, some claiming they have seen the man steal from other businesses as well.

If you have any information on who this man is and where investigators can find him, call the Henderson Police Department at 270-831-1295 or Henderson Crime Stoppers at 270-831-1111.

Henderson Police Accepting Applications for New Officers

In other HPD news, the Department is currently accepting applications from anyone interested in a career in law enforcement. You must be at least 21 years old with a high school diploma or G.E.D. to apply. You will also need to pass a drug and alcohol screening, a physical fitness test, a suitability screen, along with a polygraph test if your application is accepted. An "extensive background check" will also be conducted. The application deadline is January 27th, 2023 with physical fitness testing scheduled for the following day (January 28th, 2023). For more information, or if you have any questions, contact the Henderson Police Department at 270-831-1200.

[Source: Henderson Police Department on Facebook]

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