It's one of the most infamous cryptids in America and it's been sighted in Missouri more than just about any other state in America. It's what eyewitnesses describe as "the dogman" and there are 6 terrifying accounts that will give you chills.

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If you're curious, there's a map where people can submit their "dogman" sightings. You'll notice that Missouri is peppered with stories of this strange creature. Here are 6 along with a brief description of what people said they saw:

Pike County, Missouri (no date given) - 2 friends were adventuring in the woods near the Dupont Conservation area when they saw something..."it was walking from left to right across the road slowly on all 4s , slinking or kinda slithering for lack of a better description, like kinda cocky...seemed to have a mange-like mane type...and the rest of its body was covered in short hair , and the eyes glowed reddish but changed because of the different type lights we were shining on it ."

Hawk Point, Missouri (2016) - A woman was on her way to her mother-in-law's house to pick up her husband on a remote gravel road when she said "I had just gotten off the black top and passed a big farm when this thing jumped from one side of the creep behind the farm across the road in front of me to the other side which was a field and woods. I stopped the car, first I thought maybe it was a donkey, but it was too big and fast, and the tail on it looked more like a dog. I tried to make sense of it, it was grey so it wasn't a deer or cow, and it wasn't a horse. There were no hoof beats, it was quiet and fast! I haven't seen anything again but there have been reports of dogs missing and killed"

Pulaski County, Missouri (no date given) - Two experienced outdoorsmen were in the woods when they could hear something tracking them when they saw something..."It was about 6 ft tall, with pointy ears, and a long snout. At this point, I have to say that neither of us have given any creed to the "Dogman/Wolfman/Grassman" theory. We just thought it was mistaken identification of a Bigfoot or a bear...We could here something moving around and a few short growls."

Meramec Springs Caverns, Missouri (2014) - A woman driving near Meramec Caverns saw something strange cross the road in front of her at night. "It was dark, the road had just turned into a gravel road. There is woods on one side, and a creek and commercial farm on the other side. This dark gray thing came from the creek side and jumped across the road, I could make out it's back end but definitely saw a tail like a dogs."

St. Louis County, Missouri (2015) - A man was taking out his garbage late at night when something sprang out of the darkness. "That’s when my light hit this wolf creature. I froze instantly. The creature was about twenty feet away and I could clearly see that it was crouching. When our eyes met, it turned to its right and fell to all fours and leaped my neighbors driveway, in one jump. That driveway is about twelve feet wide. The creature was about eight feet tall and maybe three hundred pounds."

Chesterfield, Missouri (sometime in 1970's) - A man saw 3 strange beasts feeding on something in a field across from where he was. "I saw three of them, eating something big and bloody, in a field. They saw me, stopped eating, and followed me back to the farm when I got out of there. This happened more than fifty years ago. It was forbidden to talk about".

These are not isolated incidents. "Dogman" sightings have become prominent enough that The Travel Channel show "These Woods Are Haunted" documented another "dogman" sighting in Wisconsin.

Are these tall tales or real cryptids that are prowling the woods? Many in Missouri can testify that they believe it's the latter.

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